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life policy calculator

life policy calculator

Getting back to the necessity of life insurance, it is a personal decision and some will choose not to take life insurance while others will choose to take life insurance. If the premiums are within your budget then it helps with the decision. From a financial point of view it is important ensure that your decision leaves you financially stable and able to continue providing for your family and other

There are different types of life insurance, whole life cover, universal life coverage, Limited Pay, endowments, accidental death, and other customized types.

Different people will have different opinions regarding life insurance, here is one: “I believe that life insurance is important because if something should happen to you, it would leave your family in less of a predicament, financially, particularly if you are the main breadwinner in the family. There are so many unforeseen costs after someone passes, and a life insurance policy can cover these & help tremendously.”

As with most things in life, some people find ways to abuse it and life insurance is no exception. There are situations where people play the system and then claim the life insurance.